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Coed Varsity Drama · Rave Reviews for “Blood Wedding”

Love or Hate?  Lipstick or Blood?  It’s hard to tell, but you have two more chances to see for yourself.  The sets and costumes are dazzling, the cast as passionate as found on Broadway.  Sterling Draper directs this Spanish tragedy, showing this Friday, Saturday, and Monday, Dec. 5th, starting at 7:00 pm at the high school.  The stage crew’s behind-the-scenes work is impressive under the costume and artistic director Karen Latham Allred.  You won’t want to miss this…..

The critics are raving…

“Goodbye Dolly, Hello Blood Wedding,”  Barbara Streisand

“Better than Cats!”  Snoopy Dog

“Skip Hamilton, go to Blood Wedding!”  Mike Pence

“I should have gone to Blood Wedding instead…”  Abraham Lincoln

Photos by Emily Walton


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“Thursday.” The parents arrange the big day. (Rayna, Isaac, and Zac)
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The bride (Zoe) doesn’t seem as happy as you’d expect…
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The wedding guests anxious to see the blushing bride…(Zach B., Cleve, Beck and Zac C.)
The girls in a festive mood (Emma, Jordyn, Marley, Katie)
Savannah and Boadi
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Leonardo (Jackson) and his wife (Alexia) having relationship issues…
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The groom (Isaac) offers a dance to his bride’s maid (Anna)
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Death (Adysin) and the Moon (Hanna) plot their evil

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Should I kiss him or kill him, I just can’t decide….
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You never know who you’ll meet in the woods. (Jillian, Cleve and Elizabeth)